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Summary of 2018 China Fruit Market & Industry

Date:2019-05-28 13:05:02
Translated by Fruit Expo Organizer
Characteristics of 2018 China Fruit Industry
Investment increasing;
Gaining more attention from government;
The model of new channel developing rapidly.
Breaking News of 2018 China Fruit Industry (Summary)
At the beginning of 2018, 7 Fresh and Fresh Hema’s store in Yizhuang, Beijing opened almost simultaneously, which became a hot topic among Fresh retail industry.
On January 22, Xianfeng Fruit announced the completion of the B round of financing. The founder of Xianfeng Fruit said that in the next three years, Xianfeng Fruit would achieve the strategic goal of “10,000 chain stores covering 100 Cities”.
Guomeiduo re-started. This time they are not only selling fruits but also fresh produces, aiming to provide high-quality goods at competitive price. In the chain stores, member customers can place orders on mobile phones and pick up the goods at the store. Fruits at the front store and the back warehouse will be refrigerated. No overnight fruits will reach the customers.
On May 13, 2018, Pagoda Orchard, is the first national fruits store franchiser, held its Eastern China Franchising Conference in Shanghai. By the end of July last year, there were over 2,400 Pagoda franchised stores in China, covering more than 40 cities across the country, with more than 200 orchards.
On May 15, 2018, jointly established by Zespri and Plant & Food Research, the Kiwifruit Evaluation Site officially opened in Mianzhu, Sichuan. As one of the best fruits exporters, Zespri is completing its global sales networks throughout the year.
On June 21, the State Council held a press conference about the "Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival". At the conference, Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that approved by the central government, the annual autumn equinox was established as the “Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival” since 2018.
On July 5, 2018, Hainan Huayang Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Hainan Huayang) officially acquired Hainan Hefeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Huayang Hefeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huayang Hefeng). It was estimated that 10 billion yuan would be invested to the company in five years.
On July 17, 2018, themed on "Be the Endorsement of Your Hometown", the 6th Anniversary Conference of was held in Shenzhen. At the conference, and Beijing Sunon Food Group, announced their partnership of  a joint venture called the Shoushi Benlai Supply Chain Company, with an aim to build a global fresh fruits supply chain. 
In October, Jiuye Supply Chain completed series C financing with hundreds of millions of dollars, which was a strategic investment by Thailand Charoen Pokphand Group. Mr. Bing Zhang, founder and CEO of Jiuye, said “In the near future Jiuye will continue paying more attention on IT technology and fresh cloud warehouse, constructing smart fresh warehousing systems, optimizing each link of supply chain and building a global fresh supply chain service platform with Charoen Pokphand Group.”
On Oct 10th, 2018, Chinese leading community fresh chain supermarket, Fresh Legend, welcomed its 100th store and announced the completion of USD 300 billion series B financing. Fresh Legend had created a legend again in Chinese retail industry!
In October, community group buy representative, Linlinyi in Suzhou was financed with tens of millions of dollars in series A and B. Meanwhile, Hnkoala in Changsha was also financed respectively with twenty million dollars in series A and thirty million dollars in series B.
On December 11th, 2018, Mryitao, which was invested and incubated by Missfresh, declared the completion of USD 100 billion financing in series B in the end of November.