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Fruit Expo 2019 News Conference Held Successfully

Date:2019-05-28 13:05:19
On May 22nd, Fruit Expo 2019 News Conference was held in Westin Hotel, attracting representatives from China Fruit Marketing Association, GuangDong Logistics Profession Association, Guangdong Agricultural Products Circulating Association, Guangdong Agriculture Industrialization Association and other industry organizations, delegates from Consulates in China of Ecuador, Peru, Ukraine, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, France and Indian Export Development Bureau of the Agriculture and Food Processing Products, etc, and over a hundred fruit enterprises and media. The news conference introduced the preparations for the Fruit Expo 2019 & World Fruit Industry Conference which will be held in Guangzhou soon.
Building the Bridge for Global Fruit Trade
According to relevant statistics, the top five fruit importers to China are Chile, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and New Zealand. “Internationalization” is one of the characteristics of Fruit Expo 2019. Delegates have conducted policy analysis on international fruit trade based on China's import and export regulations, and analyzed the status quo and the market of the national fruit industry. With the platform of Fruit Expo 2019, international exchanges and communications among countries will be further strengthened, while the global fruit industry will develop better.
During the press conference, the delegate at Office of Agricultural Affairs, Royal Thai Consulate – General in Guangzhou, Ms.Pathumwadee Imtour said that China was regarded as the major fruits market of Thai while 22 kinds of fruits were allowed to be imported. During 2016 and 2018, the quantity of Thai fruits imported to China has been sharply increasing. Longan and coconut have ranked top five in the imported list. Although Thai tropical fruits are well known in China, there is still numerous untapped potential for cooperation between the two countries. At present, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand is implementing a traceability system, focusing on the supply chain, product quality and safety, etc., confirming the source of the products and making the exported fruits meet the import requirements of China.
Economic consul of Indonesian Consulate in Guangzhou,Mr. Ismail Fahmi said China and Indonesia were good partners and enjoyed geological proximity that gave much convenience to exchanges between both sides. Located near the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is blessed with rich soil, abundant sunlight and rainfall, and stable temperature (22°C -33 °C ), all of which provide advantages to the fruit planting. However, Indonesia export of fruits to China including longan, salak, banana and mangosteen only accounts for 1 percent of the export market in China. It presents huge potential for the fruit cooperation. 9 Indonesian companies will attend the Fruit Expo 2019. We hope both sides can expand cooperation.
Expert Gathered on Site to Exchanged Ideas
Mr. Ti Wenzan, the director of the China Fruit Marketing Association, shared his opinions with us from an industrial perspective, and said that there was a new opportunity to China's fruit industry, fruit distribution, fruit import and export trade and international cooperation. China's fruit industry and fruit distribution is in the golden development period of 10 or even 20 years. Mr. Ti said he had high hopes for the Fruit Expo, and called on the guests to make the Fruit Expo a professional, high-end and valuable platform together.
In addition, South China area general manager Zhaojing Xu from Goodfarmer Food Holdings(Group) Co.,Ltd, as a brand company representative, made a masterly speech as well. Fuhuida, Haisheng Group, Shanghai Yecheng, SF Fengnong, Fruitkii, Ky Express, Liang’s Fruitsea, Chongqing Guolin, Chen’s Sunshine, Hangzhou Youzan, Aodebo Fruit&Veg, Phoenix Selection, Baier Cold Chain, Luyuan and Furun etc. also participated, warming up for the upcoming splendid Fruit Expo 2019!