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By the “Belt and Road”, Malaysian Durian Enters China’s Huge Market

Date:2019-05-05 13:05:03

By Fruit Expo Committee
The demand for durian in China has grown substantially over the past few years. The huge market has been dominated by Thailand in the past; however, the rise of  Malaysian durian here is only a matter of time.
In last August, the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of Malaysia signed an export agreement with the General Administration of Customs of China. According to the deal, the same as frozen durian sauce, the whole frozen durian fruit will also be exported to China. But the export of the whole fresh durian is still waiting to get approval.
In the past few years, there is a high demand for durian in China. According to the UN, in 2017, the import of durian in China is 350,000 tons, with a total value of 510 million US$ and a year-on-year increase of 15%. Although less than one percent of China’s population buy durian, the current value of imports ranks third. From 2010 to 2019, the amount of its import in China has increased by an astonishing 700%, which is expected to grow much more higher. From 2017 to 2023, its import volume of China is likely to increase by another 50% to 60%.
Thanks to the great cooperation initiative“Belt and Road”, many Chinese companies and investors are currently negotiating with the planters and exporters of durian in Malaysia, hoping to bring more opportunities to the durian industry of Malaysia by the aid of capital. Under the efforts of two governments, the whole frozen Musang King durian will be possible to enter the Chinese market this year. It’s sure that with the help of the initiative, Malaysian durian, represented by Musang King, will have a broad market in China.
As more and more favorable policies of China to the foreign fruit industry, it would be easier to tap into the promising market in China. In order to explore the tremendous fruit market, 2019 Guangzhou International Fruit Expo will be held this June 27-29. If you are interested in the fruit industry, please contact us and sign up now.
Fruit Expo 2019
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