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An urgent need for China to develop its modern cold chain logistics

Date:2019-04-22 17:04:55

By Fruit Expo Committee

According to a survey of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, lasting for a long time, the corrosion rate of chilled fruits, vegetables, meat, and aquatic products in China has reached 20%-30%, 12%, and 15% respectively, which leads to annual losses as high as 48.07 million tons, 5.55 million tons and 7.3 million tons respectively.

According to the report, in China, fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products would lose 25% to 30% in the logistics links as picking, transporting and storage. About 130 million tons of vegetables and 12 million tons of fruits are lost during transportation every year. The decaying fruits and vegetables are enough to meet the basic needs of nearly 200 million people. In 2008, the loss of fruits and vegetables during transportation in China was as high as 100 billion yuan. In 2009, it was increased to 120 billion yuan, equivalent to the value of 240 million tons of potato, the total output of  Inner Mongolia Wuchuan County.

At present, the productions of fruit and vegetable in China are concentrated in Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other provinces. However, China's main fruit and vegetable markets located in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong and so on. These areas are densely populated and economically-developed; however, they are far from the production area. In the process of transportation, the main problems are that agricultural products are perishable and easy to lose, having a limited shelf life, scattered production sites and disorderly fluctuations of price. Lacking protective measures, long-distance transportation would also accelerate the speed of decay.

Millions of agricultural products which have been completely harvested from the field could not be handed over to the consumers. Instead, they have been smashed during transportation, which means that hundreds of billions yuan has vanished. The overall development level of China's logistics industry has lagged behind for a long time, which seriously lowers the quality and efficiency of the transportation of fresh agricultural products. To a large extent, hundreds of billions of yuan is wasted on the road of transportation.

Therefore, to reduce China’s loss in the transit of agricultural products, we must develop the modern logistics industry, especially for the more efficient cold chain logistics with greater preservation ability. We should strive to control and reduce losses, play the economic initiative of modern logistics and no longer waste so many fruits on the road. And Fruit Expo organizing committee sincerely invite all cold logistics insiders to showcase products.