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Finally! Malaysia is exporting durian to China soon

Date:2019-04-12 10:04:34

By Fruit Expo Committee
The exporting of Malaysia’s Durian to China is expected to start recently. China’s General Administration of Customs will visit Malaysia this month for the relative review and evaluation.
After the long-term waiting, the exporting of Malaysian durian to China have made significant progress recently. Shen Zhiqin, deputy minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry, said that the General Administration of Customs (GACC) will visit the country from April 21st to 27th, reviewing and evaluating the local durian orchards with their frozen and processing centers.
According to Shen Zhiqin, 67 durian orchards in Malaysia have submitted applications for the export of whole frozen durian to China. However, the relevant orchards must meet the five conditions which made by the General Administration of Customs in China, including the industry must obtain the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) issued by the Ministry of Health as well as the Good Agricultural Certification issued by the Ministry of Agriculture (My Gap). Also, the industry must set some nets under the durian trees to prevent the fruit from falling.

In addition, it is reported that the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based industry in Malaysia has received some applications for durian processing from 18 plants, of which only five have got the Good Practices Certification.
Shen Zhiqin said that China’s General Administration of Customs will also focus on the review and evaluation of the above five processing plants. Also, He called on Malaysians not to worry about that the durian exports would influence its price in the country, because among 67 durian orchards with the area of 72,500 hectares, only 30% of them could provide classy durian.
He also pointed out that for earning high returns, some palm oil farms in Malaysia have changed to plant durian while some orchardists have upgraded ordinary varieties to superior ones. It is estimated that the overall production of durian in Malaysia will increase in the next few years. So, there would be a few impacts on the domestic market even if the country starts to import the fruit to China.
According to Shen Zhiqin, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Industry in Malaysia hopes to promote domestic durian industry to attract more Chinese tourists, which would push other industries to benefit from it. The Malaysian Star Newspaper reported that the country's durian exports to China are expected to be officially launched soon.

Remarks: This article is completed according to the reports of Malaysia Guanghua Daily and Star Newspaper.