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Argentina Blueberry Export Tariffs to China Halved to 15% Shows a Promising Market Potential

Date:2019-01-23 15:01:14

Argentine cherries were added to the list of fresh fruit varieties and exporting countries/regions that were updated on January 16, 2019 obtaining access to China's inspection and quarantine. At the same time, China has slashed the export tariffs on fresh blueberries from Argentina, which is welcomed by exporters in Argentina.

Picture Source: Fruitnet
Federico Bayá, president of Argentina Blueberry Committee (ABC) indicated recently that the decrease of tariffs has played the positive role on Argentine fruit industry. “It’s really a good news. Most importantly, we are able to compete with our rivals like Peru with tariffs reduction as the fruit of Peru enjoy zero tariff treatment.” said he.
Luis Miguel Etchevehere, minister of Argentine Ministry of Agriculture also said that the new tariff policy will stimulate the development of Argentine export business to China to strengthen the trade connection between the two countries. At present, there has been more than 20 farms exporting blueberries to China. Furthermore, the committee is going to plan a series of promotion activities to support the sales.
Argentine blueberry industry got back on its feet which proved a resounding success in 2017. It’s estimated that the output will reach 18,000 tons increasing 10% driven by high yielding variety with the same planting area. China is the second largest export market of Argentine agricultural products, being only next to European Union.
As China government is friendly to foreign fruit industry with the favorable policies, China shows a promising market potential that will be more easily to access. 2019 Guangzhou International Fruit Expo will be held during June 27-29, 2019, striving to explore the tremendous fruit market by gathering brand enterprises. Therefore, it’s strongly believed that Fruit Expo 2019 will be the best platform for you to tap into China market!