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New Trend --Unmanned Fruit Supermarket

Date:2018-11-29 11:11:34
Translated by Fruit Expo Organizing Committee
Current Challenges in Fruit Industry
Fruit chain stores and community group buying are a trend in the development of the fruit industry, but they also face many challenges:
Difficulties in Fruit Chain Stores:
No good location/high rents(about 5000-20000 yuan)/ high labor costs(4 staffs at least 15,000)
Difficulties in Community Group Buying
No brand/unstable director/consumers’ mistrust
How to Solve the Difficulties?
To open an unmanned fruit supermarket with an area of 4 square meters at the gate of community
Solution in Stores
Good position/low rents(800yuan/month)/low labor costs(only one staff)
Solution in Community Group Buying
Exposed brand/ stable director/ consumers’ trust
Customer Value
To meet the real-time consumption
To satisfy the price-performance ratio
What is the Technical Principle of Unmanned?
WeChat's payment function without code + install gravity sensor and camera in the freezer
First step: scan the QR code with WeChat, then open the freezer automatically
Second step: pick the fruit freely
Third step: close the door
One second after the freezer is closed, the variety and quantity taken will be recognized according to the data changes of the gravity sensor and the camera, and the bill will be generated, and then the WeChat's confidential payment function will be used to automatically deduct the customer's WeChat. But, if the customer's WeChat money is not enough, it will automatically deduct the money again when the customer fills the money on WeChat.
In addition, unmanned fruit supermarkets can realize body display, accurate distribution of coupons, member recharge, purchase-sales-inventory management and so on.
Unmanned Fruit Supermarket service providers have confirmed to present at Fruit Expo 2019 slated on June 27th-29th, 2019 in China Import and Export Fair
Complex. Welcome to join us and to seek for your cooperation partner .