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How Should Imported Fruits Enter China ?

Date:2018-11-09 10:11:23
----Taking Pingxiang Port as Example----
Translated by Fruit Expo Organizing Committee 
As people's living standard is growing better and better, imported fruits gain the popularity among people, especially tropical fruits in Southeast Asia. However, to get into China, the tropical fruits are obliged to go through the customs of Pingxiang Port, the largest land fruit import and export port in China. How to go through Pingxiang port is a matter of great concern.
Since June 2018, the Customs has abolished the Customs Clearance of Entry/Exit Commodities, and the imported commodities requiring statutory inspection and quarantine can be declared through a single window ( Through the "single window", as long as enterprises input declaration information at one time, the customs, frontier and other departments can receive the declaration information. More importantly, the customs clearance time will save 30%-50%.
Audit & Examination
After receiving declaration information and additional materials, customs will audit the documents for customs declaration and attachment, and then inspect the commodity according to the cargo situation and actual law enforcement needs.
Inspection and Quarantine
In addition to verifying whether the commodities in the car are consistent with the declaration, whether there is any false declaration, concealed declaration, or others, the customs also needs to inspect and quarantine the goods, to check whether the outer packaging is complete, whether the fruit packaging label meets the requirements and whether the surface is rotten; then the fruit will be cut to examine whether the flesh is deteriorated, or whether it is harmful. If any harmful organisms are found during the quarantine & inspection, the customs will send them to the laboratory for identification.

Only after passing the inspection and quarantine in customs, can fresh and sanitary imported fruits enter the domestic market.