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Imported Fruit Designated Port Built in Dongxing, Guangxi, Adding a New Channel with Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Trade

Date:2018-01-15 14:01:17

In terms of convenient delivery and settlement procedures in China-Vietnam border ports, the fruit trade in China and Vietnam has been developing rapidly. In 2016, Vietnamese vegetables and fruits exported to China amounted to $1.7 billion, up 23.2 times over 2010. According to the report from the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam, from January to October 2017, Vietnam exported 75.9% of its total exports to China with a total amount of $2.17 billion. At present, China and Vietnam are jointly promoting the new channel of cross-border fruit trade.
Guangxi owning six imported fruit designated ports, is the largest channel where  fruits in Asian countries enter the Mainland. Dongxing Port, located in Xingshi District, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Province, is only 100 meters away from the Mangeng Port in Vietnam, which is the only national first-class port connecting China with Vietnam.
After the approval by the State Administration of Quality Supervision of designated ports of entry of Dongxing into Guangxi in April last year, the AQSIQ expert group conducted an assessment on the imported fruits designated port in Dongxing, Guangxi Province, including supervision of cold storage, quarantine facilities and so on. It is confirmed that Dongxing port has the conditions for inspection and quarantine of imported fruits and agrees to recommend to AQSIQ designated ports for the imported fruits.
After the approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Vietnam, 13 million yuan is invested in building a temporary boarding bridge for convenience as a cross-border fruit designated port channel jointly by Dongxing and Mangjie, in order to solve the congestion problem of border trade goods between China Dongxing and Vietnam Mangjie, shorten transportation time and deduce transportation costs.
Ruan Hui-huang, an expert of the Development Strategy Institute of Vietnam's Ministry of Planning and Investment, pointed out that in the past, most of fruits and vegetables (fresh species) were exported to the Chinese market through the ports of Lao Cai province and Lang Son province. As the volume of goods increases year by year, the existing fruit ports can’t meet the demand for fruit trade. "After China agreed to import agricultural products and aquatic products from Mangjie port in Quang Ninh province of Vietnam, it will be more conducive to Mangshi to attract more enterprises to export agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables to China through Mangjie-Dongxing port."
In addition, it is predicted that after the establishment of the Dongxing imported fruits designated ports, the total import and export of fruits and vegetables is expected to reach 9 million tons within five years, the trading volume reaching $3.5 billion.
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Source From:Produce Report     Translated By :Fruit Expo Organizing Committee