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The Newest Automatic Fruit And Vegetable Sorting Machine Are Coming!

Date:2021-05-07 11:05:59
With the improvement of people's living standard, people are demanding higher quality of fresh fruit. Therefor, how to screen out more superior fruit has become a priority in the sorting process.
So far, plenty of China’s outstanding fruit and vegetable sorting companies have emerged and chosen Fruit Expo 2021 to show their latest sorting technologies and expand the global markets. 
Let’s take look at these exhibitors and their eye-catching inventions. 
As a regular sorting machine exhibitor in Fruit Expo, Reemoom has adopted advanced sensor chip, spectrometer, 3D imaging technology, etc., to provide superb sorting machine for customers, which has exported to more than 20 countries.
In the epidemic, Reemoom helped a Chilean kiwi producers install a complete sorting facility through remote guidance. It only took ten days to complete all the installation and test, achieving a minimum capacity of 10 tons/hour.
Taiho, is well-known for its high-quality sorting machine and superior after-sales service in more than 80 countries and regions. The separation accuracy of Taiho’s sorting machine can reach more than 95% (even if applied to mini-items such as coffee bean, rice, sesame, and etc.) while fruit damage rate reduce to less than 5%, which will help the enterprises improve the quality of fruit and diminish the costs.
IAS is one of the biggest near-infrared analysis sorting machine suppliers in China. Equipped with advanced MEMS near-infrared spectroscopy, automatic constant temperature system, and different light systems of diverse fruit, its sorting machines shall separate fruits more quickly and accurately, which could achieve the speed of 1-2 large fruit per second as well as 5-10 medium fruit per second.
Besides enterprises mentioned above, there will also be suppliers who provide fresh fruits, food preservation equipment, cold chain and distribution services, greenhouse equipment, fruit harvesting equipment, etc. If you are looking for a one-stop fruit industry purchasing platform for your business, Fruit Expo 2021 is your best choice!
Fruit Expo 2021 & World Fruit Industry Conference
Date: Sept. 24th- 25th (9:00-17:00); Sept. 26th (9:00-13:00)
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex