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The Market of Imported Fruit Gradually Recovers

Date:2020-02-26 17:02:39

Recently, according to importers at Beijing Xinfadi Fruit Wholesale Market, the second batch of imported prunes from Australia sells well. Although the clearance procedure of imported fruit has been slowed down due to the coronavirus, the process of importing has not been affected. It is reported that currently there is a great demand for Australia prunes in the Xinfadi Market and the wholesale price is about 800 yuan /9 kg.

It is reported that imported fruits such as Australian prunes, nectarine and Chilean cherries sell well in Xinfadi Wholesale Market. The cherry season is coming to the end  with only one week before the closure. The current wholesale price for Chilean cherries is at 300 to 360 yuan /5 kg.

In addition, as the inflection point of the epidemic is about to appear, the off-line sales volume of imported fruits in Guangzhou has steadily increased compared with those in earlier February, and the number of visitors to markets also increases distinctly. According to Mr. Lin Jipeng, the head of Guangzhou Dasheng Trading Co., Ltd., among all different kinds of imported fruits, the sale of Peruvian red grapes is relatively optimistic, and the market price maintains at about 140-160 yuan.

Hampered by customs clearance and border anti-epidemic measures, Vietnam fruit exports encountered difficulties. A large number of fruits such as dragon fruit and durian stranded in ports, being unable to enter into the Chinese market. Vietnamese authorities have been forced to adjust the export structure of agricultural products, in order to mitigate the loss of income caused by the outbreak.

Mr. Lin Jipeng said that the price for all kinds of Vietnam imported fruits has been risen recently, but due to still limited demand, the scale is little. The price change will be still determined by the market demand later.

Source From:shuiguoguancha


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