Organizing Committee
Person:Ms.Amy Lai
Phone:+86 20 2917 8996
Fax: +86 20 8257 9220
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Exhibition Overseas Organizer
Person: Evy Zhang
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1. Fruit Expo to Create an International and Professional Trade Platform for Fruit Market

 Fruit Expo partners with global fruit markets online and offline to boost the fruit market globalization.

2. Accompanying Forums to Focus on Fruit Product and Demand Surge

Concurrently, Internet + Fruit E-commerce Summit and International Fruit Development Forum, as well as other meetings will be held. Prominent experts, scholars, leaders will be invited to discuss the development of fruit industry. Plus, a series of events including the Import and Export Meeting, Fruit Arrangement Show, Super Fruit Award will be staged to enhance the brands’ public exposure, and recognition. An explosive surge on fruit market demand is quite promising.

3.Hundreds of Media to Publicize and Report

Fruit Expo establishes strategic collaborations with world professional media to have omnipresent and vertical reports. A great number of highlights will be presented while exhibitors have access to much more business promotions.

4.International Partners to Join in

The host Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group is widely known as a professional and experienced exhibition organizer. International exhibitors and visitors could be invited to join in through the powerful data base and persistent contact.

5.Domestic and Foreign Associations to Support

Fruit Expo gains the staunch supports from fruit industry associations domestically and internationally who highly recommend their members and peers to get to know the grand event.

6.Governments to Back Up

Fruit Expo is a rewarding trade platform that commits to facilitating the world’s fruit industry. In this case, governments attach much importance on Fruit Expo and back it up seriously.

 7.The Host City to Domain Market

Fruit Expo is held in Guangzhou where is hailed as the best commercial city on the Chinese mainland. The fruit output or consumption capacity in Guangzhou goes beyond imagination. For instance, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fresh Produce Wholesale Market occupies about 180 thousand square meters, has ranked the top considering fruit transaction across China since 2005. Meanwhile its imported fruit transaction volume accounts for 70% of the total, making it a crucial import and export market for China.