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Target Audience

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enlightenedVisitor Analysis (*Data from Fruit Expo 2018)

【Purchasing Group】

1、Shopping malls, supermarkets, green food specialty stores, local green fruit specialty stores, chain stores, gift shops, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, etc.

2、Food e-commerce online shopping, green food center, green food exhibition center, agents, distributors, traders, materials channels in high-end food and beverage, etc. 

3、Star hotels, business clubs, bars, private clubs, western restaurants, resorts and other important units; national government agencies, etc.

4、Consulate in Guangzhou and foreign business, buyers in China, large domestic enterprises, food production and processing base, professional buyers of cooperative organizations, etc.

5、Insiders will be invited to attend Fruit Expo 2019 through industry associations and chamber of commerce. 

6、In collaboration with more than 300 magazines, website and media at home and abroad to publize Fruit Expo 2019 in an all-round way.